BRC Ranch Cow Herd Manager


Cow Herd Manager – B.R. Cutrer, Inc.

B.R. Cutrer, Inc. is a world-leading, progressive registered Brahman cattle operation located in Boling, Texas. View website

Primary Functions:

  • Oversee operations of a 350-head cow herd of both purebred Brahman cattle and recip cows
  • Oversee BRC bull development program. Coordinate bull testing including weighing and performance measurements, fertility testing and other duties. 
  • Daily ranch operations including feeding, checking cows, calving cows, working cattle, weighing, ultrasounding, veterinary work, AI, branding, picturing sale cattle, etc. 
  • Oversee ranch maintenance including fencing, roads, vehicles and equipment. 
  • Hauling cattle to bull stud, auction barn, vet clinic, feedlot, etc.
  • Assist with customer sales/PR when clients come to visit the ranch. Get to know pedigrees of the animals on the showstring and main sires and donors of the ranch to be able to answer questions from clients.

 Position Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Knowledge of the cattle business including calving out cows, taking birth weights, weighing and measuring cattle
  • Competent in cattle artificial insemination
  • Able to drive a truck and trailer, tractor
  • Hard physical labor including heavy lifting
  • Clean cut, well mannered, professionally dressed when representing the ranch. 

Salary + Benefits 

  • Salary is negotiable based on experience 
  • Housing may be provided if needed as part of the salary package
  • Health insurance provided

 Working Conditions: 

  • Outdoor work with Brahman cattle
  • This job is very physically demanding. 
  • Regular work hours are M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, and Saturday 8 a.m. to noon, with feeding expected on the weekends and rotated between ranch staff. 
  • Working beyond 5 p.m. is frequently required especially during calving season or sale season. 

Travel Required:

  • Frequent hauling of donors to TransOva and bulls to bull studs. 
  • Seasonal hauling of steers to Graham Feedyard
  • Monthly pickup of boxed beef in LaGrange or Poth. 
  • Delivering cattle to clients and conducting customer herd visits.

To Apply: Please send email with your experience and/or a resume to 

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